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Advertise on JobsWireGurus.com.au

Advertise on JobsWireGurus.com.au

There are 3 main advertising options on JobsWireGurus.com.au


Featured Employer Logo

Featured Employer logos on the home pages are available to all Gold or Platinum members with 3, 6, or 12 month memberships.  Number of weeks on the home page is as follows:


Plan Type                       

Weeks on Home Page 

3 Month Gold        

1 week

3 Month Platinum

2 weeks

6 Month Gold

4 weeks

6 Month Platinum

6 weeks

12 Month Gold

8 weeks

12 Month Platinum    

10 weeks



Advertiser Directory Listing

All paid advertiser memberships entitle you to a 12 month advertiser directory listing.  Your colour listing includes your company details, colour logo, contact details and URL, and as much information about your company as you would like to provide.

Your advertiser directory listing is a great way to proactively promote your employer brand.


Banner Advertising

Top-of-page banner advertising opportunities are also available on JobsWireGurus.com.au   



More Information

To find out more about any of these advertising options please contact us today.