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JobsWireJobsWireGurus offers a personalised career check-up through our special Job Doctor service.

Our Job Doctor has extensive experience in providing services to job seekers, offering advice on everything from how to advance and progress your career, how to present yourself to prospective new employers, howto write a good resume and how to build and maintain effective networks in business and industry.

He has assisted more than 1,000 job seekers and has an impeccable success rate in helping to make a successful job or career move or to improve the situation in your current job, including being rewarded with a promotion and pay rise.

Here’s what he Job Doctor says about how he can help you:

The Basics

  • Job Search Strategy - How to Launch Your Career successfully to create a better path to joining a quality company.
    In this challenging context, let me organise my sweep of your career and help create a summary in chronological order, one that will hopefully characterise your professional life in a clear message you can easily articulate
  • Resume Service: I will discuss your resume and give you a critique. If it needs more work then I can assist and you will also get a VIP referral our Resume Doctor, who is a super wordsmith as a practising journalist and former corporate communications specialist
  • Interview Preparation: I have conducted over 1,000 interview sessions and provided valuable help to candidates.
  • Career Advice: This comes in many forms to assist you with a new role and position at your current employer, a move to a new employer and another role, or a "Free-Change" to a new job in a new sector, requiring a new skill-set.
  • The Cover Letter: The cover letter is often seen as unnecessary by some, but I differ on that point. All job applications require an email which is essentially a cover letter. There are 7 key parts to such a letter or email, plus a couple of tricks to get the reader to take real notice of you and your application.
  • Networking activities: To assist your job search by getting electronic reach.
  • Redundancy support: When Outplacement Services have not been provided.
  • Phased Retirement plans: Learn to be relaxed about some of the options.
  • Building an online personal brand: This is Linkedin, Twitter and  Facebook and I share with you the the do's and don’ts in the new social networks age
  • Linkedin as the ‘new resume and making a winning’ profile. Recruiters will generally have looked at your profile and, in many cases, they will have it on their computer screen when they phone you.
  • Exploring self-employment or setting up a business:  I have significant personal experience in both self-employment and establishing a business, and can provide you with the benefits of that experience in helping with the many challenges you will face.

Career management or transition support

  • Job search strategies: Building a 40-step strategy for success. What’s better than a good plan well implemented? An excellent strategy excellently implemented - that's how to get an excellent job.

  • Interviewing assistance: The Art of the Job Interview.Typically there are four parts of a job interview for which candidates should prepare: (1) The opening; (2) Chronological review, including who you really are as a person, how you think, and what are the major influences, such as work ethic, values and personality; (3) Assessment of your background and track record against the core skills, experiences, and competencies; (4) Your questions, which are just important as your answers (‘He who asks the questions controls the agenda’). I will discuss the whiteboard and how that can control an interview. 

  • Making the most of your current job: Gaining access to new responsibilities and opportunities through cultivating mentors, volunteering for ‘stretch’ assignments, and pursuing an advanced degree: 

 -Networking strategies within your current employer

- Is there potential for redundancy and if so the important discussions you should have with The Job Dr.

- Phased retirement plans

- Exploring self employment or setting up a business

  • Patterns for the Very Best Careers:Build upon your experiences from one role and apply them in fresh ways to new roles; think of your career as a series of building blocks

  • How to Launch Your Career Successfully: Build a better path to join a quality company, work hard and well with people, and navigate your way into the right roles than to join a lower-quality company, even if you start in a more senior position."The Power of Relationships in Your Career- Build a list of people you may need to call upon one day and how to do that. Relationships are core to your success, since everything you do in professional life is dependent on others.